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Where is Gopher State Treasure Hunters?

GSTH is located in the Twin Cities Minnesota.

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Can anyone attend meetings?

yes, visitors & guests are welcome.

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What is Bring & Brag?

The bring & brag table is for members to display their finds since the last meeting. Categories include, best coin, best gold jewelry, best non-gold jewelry and most unusual. Winners in each category win a small prize. only those items found within the 5 state area are elligible for a prize.

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Is GSTH non profit?


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Can a person metal detect anywhere?

No! a person should always obtain permission when hunting private property, and if it is Federal, State, County or City Property a person must check with that municipalty as to whether it is o.k. to hunt, and what if any permits are required.

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Can a person make a living treasure hunting?

In most cases the answer is no. Most people do it as a enjoyable hobby that gets them outdoors, as well as being able to meet others with common interests. Joining a club like ours is a great way to make new friends!

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